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What is the Discovery Center?
The Discovery Center works through a program set up by Elim Christian Services ( to meet the needs of all of our students.  Elim Christian defines the Discovery Center in this way:

“In each school, the Discovery Center supports the child’s classroom education to meet and surpass curricular requirements. Each student receiving support has an individualized program. This setting provides optimal supervision and encouragement for the student. Discovery teachers strive to determine each child’s needs, and address both learning strengths & weaknesses. As one Discovery teacher puts it: “God made them able to learn in a special way, so that’s how we should teach them.”Discovery teachers address concerns related to reading, math, written language, and study skills. Because of the individualized attention, Discovery teachers have an impact well beyond the Discovery program. The students’ increased confidence in their abilities impacts all academic a

In the column to the right are several resources you might find useful for your child.  Clicking on the link "Read a story to your child" will bring you to a website that has many books that you can read with or to your child.  "Practice your skills" will link you to a portaportal with many links to math, spelling, and reading games or resources.  Be sure to check these out!