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READING CHALLENGE CONTINUES WEEK 4!!!!!  20 minutes each day!!!!!!  You can do this!!!!

  READ!!                   READ!!                        READ!!                         READ!!                         READ!!

Here are some beginner reader books for ideas when you are reading!!

Dr. Suess beginner books                                    Charlie and Mouse books

The Giggle Gang                                                    Elephant and Piggie Books

Pig in a Wig Books                                               Pete the Cat--I can read 

Henry and Mudge books                                       Frog and Toad


    TURN IN WEEK 3!!!!! HOw is this going so fast!!!   Start week 4!!! LAST WEEK, you can do this!!! 


KEEP READING!!!!!!                KEEP READING!!!!                    KEEP READING!!!!!!                KEEP READING!!!!!

CHAPEL IS APRIL 25!  That is a THursday!  The Lord is my Shepherd is our theme. Hope to see you there!

  Let's have a great week!!

Cooking class, beach party style!

NEW BEACH PARTY DATE---------APRIL 24!!!  THAT IS A WEDNESDAY!!!  New memo coming home in your home spelling today!


Monday- Ruth all week!

Tuesday-  Catechism

Wednesday- RUTH

Thursday-- RUTH

Friday- TEST


Memory Work----- We are going to be learning our recitations for chapel!!!  


Math-- We are learning about shapes!  “THIS IS PRESCHOOL MATH” …pretty much.. :)


   SPELLING TEST THIS WEEK! Words with “oi"  this week!  

1. oil

2. soil

3. voice

4. point

5. boy

6. boil

7. coin

8. oink

9. toy

10. join

11. against

12. heavy

The sentence for this week is-------  Plant the seed in the soil.


      The helpers for the week are:

MONAY- Shaylee





So here we go!  Keep us in your prayers each day!  If you ever need anything, please don't be afraid to call and ask!  I am always here if you have any questions!

                      From all of us in FIRST GRADE!   Mrs.VM