Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


SCRIP turns everyday expenses into everyday earnings


What is SCRIP?

Scrip earns money for HPRCS while you shop!  Scrip is used like cash - it requires no extra money out of your pocket, and you earn rebates on purchases you’re already making at stores you already shop at! 

Who may participate in the Scrip program?

Anyone and everyone!  Current families, future families, grandparents, and all HPRCS supporters are welcome to use Scrip.

How are the rebates used?

You have 2 options for applying the earned rebates:
1. Apply 100% to the HPRCS General Fund account
2. Apply 75% to your specified tuition account(s) and 25% to the HPRCS General Fund account.

How do I order Scrip?

1. Stop in during Scrip office hours – there are many local Scrip options available for immediate purchase
2. Place an online order (
a. Local Scrip may be ordered at anytime and your cards will be sent home with your student or available to pick up during the next office hours
b. Orders for national Scrip cards must be placed before 11am on Mondays
3. Order ScripNow on your computer or phone
a. ScripNow orders paid with PrestoPay are available immediately!
b. Print the eCard from your computer, or scan the barcode on your phone at checkout

What is PrestoPay?

PrestoPay is linked to your checking account and is the most convenient way to pay for your Scrip purchases.
a. Gives you access to all the ScripNow options and increases your rebate earning potential!
b. Avoid the hassle of getting a check to school to pay for your order. 

What if I'm unsure about paying online with PrestoPay?

Paying for your order online is not only convenient, but completely safe!  PrestoPay uses the same Automated Clearing House (ACH) process used for millions of transactions, including payroll direct deposit and Social Security.  The information required to register for PrestoPay is the same information plainly visible on the bottom of every check.  Also, the Shop With Scrip website has the latest computer network security protocols to keep you and your money safe.

What is ScripNow?

ScripNow is an electronic gift card available to print at home or scan on your phone within moments.  It is "Scrip On The Go" when and where you need it!
1. Not sure when you'll be shopping? ScripNow is ideal for unplanned shopping trips.
2. Not sure where you'll be shopping? Purchase ScripNow on your phone while in the store!
3. PrestoPay payment is required to order ScripNow.

How do I purchase and use ScripNow on my phone?

Go to on your phone’s web browser and log in with your Shop With Scrip account.  You must be signed up for PrestoPay, then you can order ScripNow and redeem eCards right from your phone!
You can even add MyScripWallet to your home screen for easy access:
a. Google Chrome: open the options menu (3 dots) then select Add to Home Screen
b. Safari: Click the box with the up arrow (found on the bottom of the screen,) then Add to Home Screen, then Add

May I place an order for other people?

Definitely! This is a great way to increase your rebates.  Ask friends and relatives to consider shopping with Scrip gift cards and simply include their check with your order.