Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School



  • Library is open to the students on Wednesday
  • During Library hours, students should come to the library in small groups or with their teacher
  • Students are required to behave properly, as they would in the classroom
  • Students will be allowed to check out 2 or 3 books per Library visit
  • Students will be allowed a maximum of 6 books checked out at any given time
  • If a student has books that are more than a month overdue, they will not be allowed to check out anymore books until that book is returned or renewed if the student is still reading the book.
  • If the student has 6 books checked out prior to the current library day, they will not be allowed to check out anymore books until some or all of the have been returned
  • If a student has a library book that is lost and can not be returned, please contact the librarian
  • Books will be checked out with a 2 week return period
  • No fines will be imposed on overdue books
  • Students will be required to reimburse the Library for any books not returned by the end of the school year
  • Students will be required to pay for any books that they cause damage to
  • A transaction notice will be sent to the parents each week so that they can see what book(s) their child(ren) have checked out of the library.  This transaction also shows which books are "overdue"
  • The Library uses the on-line computer program "LIBRARY WORLD" - parents can access this on-line program to see what books the library has, or to see what book(s) their children have checked out.  Please see elsewhere on this page on how to access this program.