Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


Third Grade - Mrs. Vande Kamp

Mrs. Brenda Vande Kamp
3rd Grade Teacher

"Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; and walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us." Ephesians 5:1, 2.



May 15-24, 2017  


3rd & 4th Grade Class Trip

 When: Tuesday, May 16

Where: Lake Pahoja

What to Wear: You will probably be dirty or muddy, so dress accordingly. Wear your outside shoes and bring a bag with your boots in them. We will be wearing our boots when we explore around the pond. Wear a hat to give you some protection from the sun. Apply sunscreen before coming to school. 



Parents, please help your child study the Bible memory. See end of memo.


Monday:  Bring a church bulletin and sermon notes  

Tuesday: Class Trip to Lake Pahoja

Wednesday: Bible Test and Memory (I Thessalonians 5:4-7)

Return Home Spelling
Spelling Test
Social Studies Test
Library: Return your books to the basket.
Monday: Bring a church bulletin and sermon notes
Science Test
Tuesday: Spelling Challenge



Monday: Mrs. Vande Kamp
Tuesday: No Helper
Wednesday: Kade
Thursday: Kalaya
Friday: Malachi


Monday: Mrs. Vande Kamp
Tuesday: Mattias
Wednesday: Maya



Spelling Words: Related Words

cloth, clothes, nature, natural, able, ability, mean, meant, deal, dealt, please, pleasant, sign, signal, signature


Challenge Words: equal, equation, equator, major, majority, 


Frequently Misspelled Words:

want, whole


Extra Credit: Be able to correctly spell your first, middle, and last name. 


Spelling Paragraph/Sentences

There will be no paragraph or sentences this week.




Cookbook Party: Thursday, May 18. Each student will need to bring the food they included in the cookbook. I can bake any food that needs to be in an oven. We usually invite the teachers to taste all the delicious food. Dress as chefs and come to school hungry. Yum!!


Jalapeno Bagels: Monday, May 22...We will be making bagels. We delayed making them when I was hobbling around on crutches. 


Classs code: J2DTG  



My contact information:

Cell: (712) 441-0713

Please call the office if you have a child that is sick. I do not always have time to check my email throughout the day.

If you need to reach me, and I don't need to reply right away, either my email or my cell phone will work just fine. (call or text)


In Christ's love, 

Mrs. Vande Kamp