Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


Third Grade - Mrs. Vande Kamp

Mrs. Brenda Vande Kamp
3rd Grade Teacher

"Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; and walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us." Ephesians 5:1, 2.


October 9-17, 2017



Tuesday:  Catechism


Thursday: Home Spelling

Spelling Test


Spelling Paragraph/SentencesTest



Tuesday 17th: Bible Test and Memory (Luke 4:18, 19)

Scripture passages for lessons 17-20:

Luke 4: 14-30;

Luke 5: 1.11; Matthew 4:18-22; Mark 1: 16-20

Mark 1:21-35; Luke 4: 33-41; Matthew 8: 14-17

Mark 1:40; Luke 5: 12-26; Matthew 9:1-8






Monday: Mrs. Vande Kamp

Tuesday: Landon

Wednesday: Simeon

Thursday: Skyler

Friday: Tyce

Remember to be preapared for devotions. Each of these students has a devotion sheet for the day they are helper. 


Spelling Words: Words Ending in -le
handle, trouble, simple, people, middle, table, little, gentle, poodle, pickle, noodle, saddle, juggle, uncle, riddle


Challenge Words: example, throttle, obstacle, miracle, muscle


Frequently Misspelled Words: little, people


Extra Credit: they


Spelling Paragraph/Sentence:

Remember the comma between little and gentle. The homespelling paper is missing the comma. 


                                                                                Ten people had poodles for sale. My uncle helped me pick out                                       

a little, gentle poodle. I will be in trouble if I set my poodle on the table.

Classs code: J2DTG  



My contact information:

Cell: (712) 441-0713

Please notify me by a note if your child has alternate plans at the end of the day. 

Please call the office if you have a child that is sick. I do not always have time to check my email throughout the day.

If you need to reach me, and I don't need to reply right away, either my email or my cell phone will work just fine. (call or text)


In Christ's love, 

Mrs. Vande Kamp