Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


Third Grade - Mrs. Vande Kamp

Mrs. Brenda Vande Kamp
3rd Grade Teacher

"Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; and walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us." Ephesians 5:1, 2.

Let's "SPARKLE" in 3rd Grade!

May 3-7, 2021

Science Extra Credit: Make a weather instrument. (windsock, rain gauge, weather vane, anemometer) You can Google homemade weather instruments for ideas. This is an optional project and is due on or before Wednesday, May 12.


Gift Basket: I'm putting together a gift basket for Miss Heather, who has been our student aide this past semester. If you would like to contribute a gift for the basket, please bring your gift to school by Friday, May 14. We will have a little "thank you party" for her the following week. 


Cookbook Party: Friday, May 7. Students should bring their food (recipe) to school ready to eat. Being there are no ovens available, those students who are bringing hot food should have it brought in at 11:30 am., or bring it in a crockpot. Be prepared to eat lots of good food.

Dress like a chef: Start thinking about designing your chef's hat. Please make/design a chef's hat and wear an apron for the cookbook party.

3rd & 4th grade class trip:

When: Friday, May 14th (rain date...Monday, May,17)

Where: Lake Pahoja

Transportation: Bus

Clothing: Wear clothes and shoes that will get dirty.  


Check your student's homework folder.

If there is homework in it, it is due in the next morning.
The homework folder should be at school every day. 




Wednesday: Library: last day to check out books

Phonics Test

Thursday: Spelling Test: words only 

   Friday: Cookbook Party


Memory: I Thessalonians 5:4-8



Monday: Mrs. Vande Kamp

Tuesday: Eliza

Wednesday: Faye

Thursday: Jace

Friday: Janessa




Spelling Words: -all, -alk, miscellaneous

chalkboard, mall, unsalted, bald, talking, washer, strolled, lamb, crumb, smaller, walnut, waltzing


High Risk/Review Spelling 

column, solemn, address, angel, listen, please, straight


Extra Credit: condemn

Paragraph: Skip the paragraph this week.


Class code: J2DTG 


My contact information:

Cell: (712) 441-0713
Please notify me by a note if your child has alternate plans at the end of the day. 
Please call the office if you have a child that is sick. I do not always have time to check my email or texts throughout the day. I will reply to any text or email I receive. If I haven't replied, please assume I have not read it. 
If you need to reach me, and I don't need to reply right away, either my email or my cell phone will work just fine. (call or text)

In Christ's love, 

Mrs. Vande Kamp