Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


The Dordt Junior High Track Meet will be held on Wednesday, May 15, at the track in Sioux Center.  A sheet will be sent home on Monday with the events your 6th grader is participating in along with the approximate times these events will begin.

The final book reports are due on Friday, May 17.  Quite a few students have to do a poster for this final report.

May 13 - 17


Quiz on Journey #3 on Tuesday

Lesson 1 - Leaving Jerusalem

Lesson 2 - Felix and Festus

Lesson 3 - Before Agrippa

Lesson 4 - The Shipwreck

Memory Work - Isaiah 40:30-31


11-3 Predictions from Data

11-4 Simulate a Problem

11-5 Tree Diagram and Counting Principle

12-1 Solving Two-Step Equations


Assemble Info Page Booklet

Adjective Phrases

Adverb Phrases


Martin Luther

Calvin and Zwingli

Reformation in Other Lands

Differences b/t RCC and PRC


WS on Earthquake Safety

Earthquake Safety

Review Earthquakes on Thursday

Test Friday on Earthquakes


Work on Country PowerPoint

Begin Presenting PowerPoints on Friday

Food Day in Europe on Thursday and Friday


Take Technology Survey and Typing Test


Finished for the Year=)


Line Op Art - Due Wednesday

Picture of the Week:

The high jump record is just over 8 feet...this Photoshopped picture gives you an idea of just how high this really is=)