Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


Fourth Grade - Mrs. Regnerus

Fourth grade is the best----like the cream in the middle of an oreo!


May 15-19

This is our last full week of school!  :(  

Next week Tuesday, May 23, the fourth and fifth grades will play their instruments at a recital.  It will be held in the choir/band room.  Mrs. Kelly Westra sent home an announcer sheet. 

Next week Wednesday is our last 1/2 day of school.  We will dismiss at noon.

Bible.  Philistines Capture the ark,  God punishes them, Return of the ark, God's punishment for improper worship,  Review on WEDNESDAY, TEST on THURSDAY.  Lesson 98-102

Math.  Finish adding decimals,  Begin subtraction of decimals (Good work, fourth grade!! We have completed the whole textbook in a timely fashion!!)

Spelling:    Unit 35 , Words with Silent Consonants, pp. 117-120, Test on FRIDAY

calf     castle    climber    clothes    column   ghost   half   Illinois   island   knee   known   knuckles   limb   numb   often   plumbing   raspberry   rhyme   salmon   symptom  thumb   whistle   would     Wyoming     cologne  E.C.  Christmas     chocolate

English.  Titles,  pp. 117-120

Social Studies.   Differences between AK and HI,  Trans-Atlantic Pipeline,  Hawaii's volcanoes , work, and people,  Review chapters 12-13,  TEST on FRIDAY

Science.  God's design of the human eye,  How the eye works, mirrors,  reflection, transparent, translucent, opaque,  Review next Monday, and a TEST will be next week TUESDAY.

Devotions:  Monday -  Kylie   Tuesday - Field Trip     Wednesday- Annica   Thursday -  Taryn     Friday -      Next Monday:  

Memory:  Ruth 1: 16, (Monday)   Psalm 95: 5-6 (Next Monday)

Thank you for the privilege of teaching your covenantal children!  If you need to reach me after school hours, you may contact me by my cell phone # (712) 470-7123 or my home phone (712) 726-3401. May God bless our school year.


Other important items:

1.  Students will make one book report each six weeks.

2.  Book orders will be sent home occasionally.  Please proofread these with your child as the good reading material is found in the midst of junk

3.  Students have a take home folder that will be sent home with them every night. Please check these each night and return the following day.

4.  Students do a lot of map work in fourth grade.  Twenty-four pencil crayons are ideal for this. They give enough color variation for the many different states they will color.  Also the three-ring bind, the ultra fine marker and the rubber cement are needed for our map work!  

Thanks for your cooperation!


Shelling Corn