Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


Fourth Grade - Mrs. Regnerus

March 25 -29

     We  begin the last week of March.  It looks like God is giving us some nice spring weather this week.  We're thankful to spend our recesses outdoors!

      Don't forget that next week is Spring Vacation.

     Advance Notice:  Young Authors' Day is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon on May 7.  Please mark your calendars and save that day!

Bible.  Miriam's Pride,  At the doorway to Canaan,  Rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram

Math. Volume,  Tesselations, FractIons:  parts of a whole

Spelling.  Lesson 29:  Related words,    pp. 97-100,  TEST on Friday

Social Studies. Chapter 8, Trains, ranching and stockyards, growth of businesses,  Great Lake influences on these states

Science. 7.3,  "Tracking the Weather": Stationary Front, reading and understanding maps

English:  Prepositions and prepositional phrases,  pp. 97-100

Book Order Code:  NZP6Y

Devotions:  Monday: Colton    Tuesday: Amos      Wednesday:Danica      Thursday: Joshua        Friday: Boyd      The next Monday: Keely

Theme:  Singing

Memory:  Nahum 1: 6-7                Next week: Numbers 14: 7b-9 (Due THIS week FRIDAY.)

Thank you for the privilege of teaching your covenantal children!  If you need to reach me after school hours, you may contact me by my cell phone # (712) 470-7123 or my home phone (712) 726-3401. May God bless our school year.


Other important items:

1.  Students will make one book report each six weeks.

2.  Book orders will be sent home occasionally.  Please proofread these with your child as the good reading material is found in the midst of junk. You are encouraged to order online.  Our classroom code for online ordering is: NZP6Y.

3.  Students have a take home folder that will be sent home with them almost every night. Please check these each night and return the following day.


Thanks for your cooperation!


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