Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


Fourth Grade - Mrs. Regnerus


December 11 -December 15

Wednesday, December 13 the students will have hearing tests.

Thursday we will have a 2:30 dismissal.

The Christmas party will be Thursday, December 21.  The gifts may be brought to school any day before then.  Thanks.

Bible. Trouble with the Silver Cup, Truth Revealed,  Joseph cares for his brothers, Jacob's Sons are blessed

Math. Patterns in Multiplication, multiplying multiples of ten, multiply by 2 digits

Spelling.     Lesson 15,    "ou, ow"  SPELLING TEST - THUSDAY, December 14. (Because of a three day work week- next week)

 allowance   announce   boundary   browse   couch   coward   drowsy   eyebrow   flowerpot   foundation   grouch   hound   house   however   mountain   mound   ounce    outdoors   outside   scout   scowl   shout

surround   towel   trout  E.C. cauliflower counselor                    

Social Studies.  Natural resources, development of towns, landforms, industries of the New England states     

Science.  10.1  Matter Changes:  physical changes,  changing states of matter

Book Order Code:  NZP6Y

Devotions:  Monday - Maya    Tuesday - Samantha     Wednesday-  Kalaya   Thursday - James    Friday - Kade  Next Monday:  Clint   

New Theme:  Christ's Birth

New Memory: Angel's from the Realms of Glory vs. 1, 4

Thank you for the privilege of teaching your covenantal children!  If you need to reach me after school hours, you may contact me by my cell phone # (712) 470-7123 or my home phone (712) 726-3401. May God bless our school year.


Other important items:

1.  Students will make one book report each six weeks.

2.  Book orders will be sent home occasionally.  Please proofread these with your child as the good reading material is found in the midst of junk. You are encouraged to order online.  Our classroom code for online ordering is: NZP6Y.

3.  Students have a take home folder that will be sent home with them almost every night. Please check these each night and return the following day.

4.  Students do a lot of map work in fourth grade.  Twenty-four pencil crayons are ideal for this. They give enough color variation for the many different states they will color.  Also the three-ring binder, the ultra fine marker and the rubber cement are needed for our map work!  

Thanks for your cooperation!


Traveling West
Sweet Musical Instruments