Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


Fourth Grade - Mrs. Regnerus


May 3 - 10

Week 35 

May has arrived and it seems like the month will quickly pass!  We have a few extra activities yet before the school year is over.

Young Authors' Day is scheduled for this Thursday, May 6 at 2:00. It will be held in the music room this year (because of the gym's remodeling). Please park in the church parking lot in the designated areas.  Thank you! 

Next week Friday, the 14, we are tentatively scheduled for a 3rd and 4th grade class trip to Lake Pahoja.   

Then, the following week, on Thursday, May 20 is the school picnic from 12:30 - 3:30.  AND then, :( the school year will be over.

Bible.  Israel is pestered by the enemy nations around them:  the Midianites, The Ammorites, and the Philistines.  God will use judges like Gideon, (Jerubbaal)  Abimelech, Tola, Jephthah, and Samson to deliver his people.

Math: Decimals greater than one,  Compare and order fractions, round decimals,  problem solving,  adding decimals

Spelling:  Lesson 35  "Words with Silent Consonants "  TEST on FRIDAY

Reading:  "The Man who Went to the Far Side of the Moon"

Social Studies.  REVIEW and a TEST on TUESDAY on Chapters 10-11,  Begin "THE WEST" - looking at the states and capitals 

English: "Titles", pp. 117-120

Book Order Code:  NZP6Y

Devotions:   Monday: Levi Scott       Tuesday: Avyn       Wednesday: Mattea      Thursday: Clayton    Friday: Levi    Next Monday: Miya     Theme: Flowers    

Memory: Joshua 1: 9

Thank you for the privilege of teaching your covenantal children!  If you need to reach me after school hours, you may contact me by my cell phone # (712) 470-7123 or my home phone (712) 726-3401.  May God bless our school year.

Other important items:

1.  Students will make one book report each six weeks.

2.  Book orders will be sent home occasionally.  Please proofread these with your child as the good reading material is found in the midst of junk. You are encouraged to order online.  Our classroom code for online ordering is: NZP6Y.

3.  Students have a take home folder that will be sent home with them almost every night. Please check these each night and return the following day.


Thanks for your cooperation!