Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


Fourth Grade - Mrs. Regnerus


January 30- Feb.6

Week 21 

Our written novel deadline is the end of February!  This is coming FAST!  Keep up the great work with your novels!  Many students are finished writing and will now begin illustrating!   GREAT WORK! 

This Friday, February 3, the students would like to have a 2/3/23 party - for their good work on their tests! 

The theme for Friday is "Letter" Day.  Each student picked a letter of the alphabet.  They may dress with that letter in mind, and they may bring food or drink with that letter to share with the class. 

One mother already responded that she is bringing in Monkey Bread for "M"! 

BIBLE: This week we will study plagues 1-9.

SPELLING: Final "er, ar",  pp. 69-72  TEST on Friday

READING: "The King in the Kitchen" 

SOCIAL STUDIES.  Erie Canal and other waterways, Challenges of city life review on Wednesday and a TEST on THURSDAY on Chapter 5. 

SCIENCE. We should finish  "The Water Cycle", review on Tuesday and a TEST on Wednesday.  

ENGLISH: Pronouns and their Antecedents, pp. 69-72

MEMORY:   Psalm 27: 1a,  Psalter # 24: 1-3

Book Order Code:  NZP6Y

Devotions:   Monday: Ella   Tuesday: Aria      Wednesday:  Maeva    Thursday: Dylan        Friday: Kason   Next Monday: Cole   Theme:  Love/Charity

Thank you for the privilege of teaching your covenantal children!  If you need to reach me after school hours, you may contact me by my cell phone # (712) 470-7123 or my home phone (712) 726-3401.  May God bless our school year.

Other important items:

1.  Students will make one book report each six weeks. Our next book report will be due  February 17!    THANKS!!

2.  Book orders will be sent home occasionally.  Please proofread these with your child as the good reading material is found in the midst of junk. You are encouraged to order online.  Our classroom code for online ordering is: NZP6Y.

3.  Students have a take home folder that will be sent home with them almost every night. Please check these each night and return the following day.


Thanks for your cooperation!