Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


First Grade






      Here we go for week 8!

      I am going to include week 9 also since it is a shorter week!  Looking forward to visiting you all at conferences! First Report cards will be coming home the end of October.  


       ATTENTION!!!   There will be a special day this THURSDAY!  Take note of the yellow paper in your take home folder, it explains it all!  If you have any worries or questions, don't be afraid to ask!  Should be a "P"retty  "P"leasant Day!  :)  



     Advanced Notice, we are going to have our chapel in November, we are working to finalize the date yet, but I will let you know soo

       Enjoy your little break from school next week!  They have worked hard these past 8 weeks and have grown a lot already!  Keep reading each day, it helps so much!  Thanks for all you do for your child!  Great job Dad and Mom!!!


   Bible Class this week-  We will have a lesson each day and a test on Friday.  They did an amazing job on their tests again this week!  Keep it up kids!

Monday-  Genesis 24

Tuesday- Catechism  

Wednesday-  Genesis 25

Thursday-   Genesis 26

Friday-   TEST

LESSON next Monday October 18--Genesis 27

      MEMORY WORK is due on Friday!    Here is the verse for the week!    

          "Every word of God is pure, He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him."  Proverbs 30:5


       MATH-  We are going to work on subtraction this week.


Spelling-   We will have a test on Friday!  Please return all your home spelling folders this week.  Thanks again for all your help at home!

Please return your spelling folders on Friday!

              Last test and then we get a little break!  We have been working so hard, that will be well deserved!  Here we go!

1.  nut

2.  rug

3.  sun

4.  up

5.  bus

6.  must

7.   run

8.   jump

9.  cut

10. bump

11.  many

12.  into

They will need to write and finish this sentence for the test on Friday.       I like to sit in the sun.


The helpers for the week are:

M-  Owen

T-   Melody

W-  Ezra

TH-  Lael

F-   Reuben

MONDAY the 18th---Megan

   No helper the 19th it is a half day.



                                            HAVE A GREAT WEEK!



                              If you need anything, don't be afraid to call!!!!!        Love always!    Mrs.Van Maanen :)