Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


First Grade



                 WEEK 4!!!!   Reading challenge!!   LAST WEEK!!!!!!   Read , READ, READ!!!!!!

    ****We are going swimming next week Wednesday!  That is May 5!   Please be reading the memo!  We are leaving school at 12 and swimming until 2:30 at the sioux center pool.  Your child will need to take a bathing suit, towel and a bag to put their goods in.  Please call me if you have any questions!   NEXT WEDNESDAY!


   MOTHER'S DAY---------- I need a picture of yourself and your child.  Would you please take a picture with your child on your phone and send it to me?  Thanks so very much!  I have one picture!!   Please get them in this week!             


    ADVANCED DATE:   We will be going on our class trip to the Sioux Falls Zoo on MAY 18.  That is a Tuesday. I will be in touch with room moms here soon.  Since the kids didn't get to go to the zoo last year, I thought it might be fun to go yet this year.  We will be going with the 2nd graders too!   SAVE THE DATE.....May 18!!


      READ!!!!               READ!!!!!                   READ!!!!!                  READ!!!!!!!!!!!!               READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


   Bible Class this week- Test on Friday.

Monday-   I Samuel 15

Tuesday- I Samuel 16


Thursday-   I Samuel 17

Friday-   TEST

  Memory Work ---    "Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams."   I Sam 15:22        


       MATH-  We are going to do money for the last weeks of school.  We are going to play store on the morning of May 20.  More details later. We will begin with counting dimes, nickels and pennies this week and next week add the quarter.  If you have change at home, please throw some change on the table and have your child make combinations and practice counting it up!  Thanks again for all your help!


Spelling-   Test on Friday!

              Life is much easier this week, all words are "aw"  words. Thanks for all your help at home!

1.  saw

2.  draw

3.  crawl

4.  straw

5.  law

6.  jaw

7.  paw

8.  lawn

9.  yawn

10. hawk

11.  through

12.  science

The sentence to work on this week is:  


                                        The dog has a soft paw.



                             Keep us in your prayers each day!  If you ever worry or need anything PLEASE call me!  I will be glad to visit!

                                                                                                  Mrs.Van Maanen

LET"S GET GOING!!!                                             WOOHOO!!                                                               YAY!!!