Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


First Grade



            We are back at it and working hard!  We are enjoying Miss Regnerus teaching us!  Go girl, you are doing great!!!      


       TICKET TO READ!!!    Please READ!!!. The 8th graders won the challenge for the month of December, but the first graders came close to winning!  So read for all you are worth this month!! Let's get the prize for January!!!!!!  

  January slips are home, I have sent a PIZZA RANCH slip for a free pizza home in your child's home spelling!!!


    Bible Lessons this week-  Miss Regnerus will be teaching Bible this week!!!    


     T- Tuesday- Catechism

     W-Wednesday- 10 commandments

    Th-Thursday--10 commandments

     F-Friday- TEST                                                         


                    Memory Work----  Letter O this week!  Here we go!  Thanks for all your help at home!


          "O give thanks unto the Lord for He is good because His mercy endureth forever!"  Psalm 118: 1



     We will have a spelling test on Friday.  We are working on the words and we will be ready for the test on Friday! Thanks for all the help at home!

       So, the snow day blew away last weeks words, so we will move on to a new word list this week!

            1.   bigger

            2.   biggest

            3.   faster

            4.   fastest

            5.   slower

            6.   slowest

            7.   shorter

            8.   shortest

            9.   sadder

            10. saddest

             11. good-bye

            12.  before


They will also have to write a sentence for the spelling test.  Remind them to start their sentence with an uppercase letter and end it with the correct punctuation.

                                           A bus is bigger than a car.           


We will be working on addition and subtraction in Math.


  Helpers this week are:



W- Makenzie

Th- Junior

F- Jenna


    We are doing very well with the prayers.  Keep up the great work kids!!


          Library day is on Wednesday-  Bring in those books!             

  ITBS, we have one day left! We will finish on MOnday, due to the snow day.

We are having hot chocolate this week, to stay warm from this cold weather!   

                              Look for the 100 day memo that is in their home spelling packet!

                                                                Have a super week!            Mrs. VM :)