Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


First Grade



           It is the beginning of the year and we are ready to get to work.  We will have busy days, so here is a bit of a guide so you can see what we are going to be doing for the week.  If you ever have any questions about anything, please don't be afraid to give me a call!  I would love to talk with you and hopefully answer anything you are concerned about.  I have moved the schedule around a bit this year, especially in the morning so we can get all the help from Mrs. Westra for reading.  We should have a great year!  Keep us in your prayers!  And, thanks for all the help you give your child each and everyday!  

    Bible Lessons this week- 




     W- Half day-No lesson

    Th- Creation Day 1,2

     F-Creation 3,4

     M- Creation Day 5,6

     T-Catechism  11;15-12:00- They may take a collection along for catechism.

     W- Creation 7

     Thu- Gen.3

      Friday-  TEST--  Do not worry about any study material for this test.  They will do just fine, I will make sure they are ready for the test.

     Memory Work-- Genesis 1:1   "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."   

       Your child will need to recite this verse for me on Friday.  We practice it everyday, so a quick review at home is probably all that is needed.  They will also need to color a picture while each student is reciting this verse for me.  






.     Reading-

       We are going to get started with Unit 1 and 2 for remainder of this week and next. I will not be sending any stories to read with your child at home yet, but you will see them soon in your child's home spelling.  

      We will have reading class during first period each day now.  Mrs. Westra will be coming in after devotions and helping out with the reading.  I hope to split the class into three groups and rotate each group.  One group will do seat work, the other with Mrs. Westra and the other with me.  


    We will be learning about snakes in Unit 1 and Emu's in Unit 2.




                  Spelling Words.

                     We will have our first spelling test on Friday Sept.1.  They will take home their home spelling on Thursday, the 24th.  

         Please remember to send in their packet on Sept.1.  I will take out their homework and put their new work in for the following week.  

Here are the spelling words and the sentence. 












    We are starting a new math series.  It won't look so new to you because it is an extension of the series they used in Kindergarten.  We will be starting with simple addition and subtraction.



Show and tell---We are going to try something a little different this year.  We are going to have show and tell once a month.  We will have it on the last friday of each month. We are going to have a show and tell NEXT FRIDAY.  I know that is Sep.1 and that is the first friday of the month, but we are going to have it then and see how it goes.

   You do not have to bring in anything if you do not care to but if you would like to that would be great!!

                  We are going to all bring in something BLUE.  If  you have something that is blue at home and would like to show it to the class, bring it on in!!  Show and tell will be at 3:10 on Friday, Sept.1.



   Here is the helper list!  

      When it is your child's turn to be the helper, he or she will be in charge of getting the milk for lunch.  Lining up the class if we exit the room, and if there are any other jobs that need to be done that day, they will be in charge of them.

  1. Jaxton- Helper on Thursday

   2. Tate- Helper on Friday

  3.  Shaye-Helper on Monday

  4.  Lauren-Helper on Tuesday

  5.  Landen- Helper on Wednesday

  6.  Levi-Helper on THursday

  7.  Miya- Helper on Friday

  8.  Mattea

  9.  Levi Scott

  10.  Atley

  11.  Hudson

  12.  Tyler

  13. Jack

  14.  Bethany

  15.  Madaline

  16.  Allison

  17.  Grady

  18.  Avyn

  19.  Brynlee

  20.  Clayton

  21.  Asher