Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


First Grade



           It was great to visit with you all at conferences!  Hope you all had a great little break from school, but now we are getting serious again!  Here we go kids!  You can do it!  I am so proud of you!  Keep it up!! And......thanks for all your help at home parents! Great Job to you too!

    Bible Lessons this week- 

WEEK OF October 23!

     M-Genesis 27

     T- Catechism

     W-   Gen. 28

    Th-   Gen. 29




     Memory Work-- We have a reformation verse this week!  Romans 1:17-

        "For therein is the rightousness of God revealed from faith to faith, as it is written, THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH!"

       Your child will need to recite this verse for me on Friday.  We practice it everyday, so a quick review at home is probably all that is needed.  They will also need to color a picture while each student is reciting this verse for me.  






.     Reading-

       We are going to go on to Unit 14 this week.  We will be learning about mammals this week.  I am also going to send a few stories home with your child in their home spelling packet.  Please have them read them to you, they should be able to fly through them! 

      Keep reading for reading rodeo!!   Your child is doing a fantastic job!!  Send in your slip if you have met the goal!

    Thanks again for all your help at home!!






                  Spelling Words.

                     New words this week!!  Study hard!! 

     Please send in your folder each week and their home spelling work on each Friday.  Keep your work at home all week and review the words and sentence each night.  It helps so much!! Thanks!! 

Here are the spelling words and the sentence. 


  1. face

  2.  made

  3.  age

  4.  safe

   5. take

   6. make

   7. cage

   8. cake

   9.  late

  10. name

  11. could 

  12.  old

Your child will have to write a sentence on the bottom of their spelling test, here is the sentence!!  You can do it kids!!

                         Could you make a pig face?

        Work hard this week, you will get next week off!!  Do the best you can!!  You are AMAZING!!!



            Just one note about the home spelling.  I am sorry about the typing mistakes on the home spelling worksheets.  I get them from the Reading street website and every once in a while there are mistakes.  









    We are going to start chapter 3!!  Addition again!!!


   Let's turn our key, and think forward again!!




                                    **************TAKE NOTE**********************

   Show and tell is this FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27!   The theme for that show and tell will be "something that can make a sound."  Hmm.....put your thinking caps on. (Wonder if I will be sorry I came up with that theme. :) ?)


   I hope you have been thinking about the letter I gave you at conferences concerning our special day on FRIDAY!  If you have any desire to help in anyway, please let me know, we would love to have you be a part or our fun day!


   Here is the helper list!  

      When it is your child's turn to be the helper, he or she will be in charge of getting the milk for lunch.  Lining up the class if we exit the room, and if there are any other jobs that need to be done that day, they will be in charge of them.

  1. Jaxton- 

   2. Tate- 

  3.  Shaye-

  4.  Lauren-

  5.  Landen- 

  6.  Levi-

  7.  Miya- 

  8.  Mattea- 

  9.  Levi Scott-

  10.  Atley-

  11.  Hudson- 

  12.  Tyler-

  13. Jack-

  14.  Bethany-

  15.  Madaline-

  16.  Allison- Helper on Monday the 16th

  17.  Grady-Helper on the 23rd.-Monday

  18.  Avyn-Helper on TUesday

  19.  Brynlee-Helper on Wednesday 

  20.  Clayton-Helper on THursday

  21.  Asher-Helper on Friday