Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


First Grade



    Be amazing!!!!   You can do it!!!!!  We love school!!!!


    Bible Lessons this week-  

     M-  I Samuel 25

     T-    I Samuel 28

     W- I Samuel 31- THe death of Saul 

    Th-  No lesson for the last half day of school!!






            I just want to thank you Dad and Mom for all the extra time you spent with your child this school year.  God has richly blessed you with amazing children.  Children who love the Lord with all their hearts!  I clearly saw this love shine forth from their mouths as we would sing in the morning, it came from their hearts as they let their lights shine to others, and during Bible class as they grasped that knowledge that was set before them from the gospel!  

            During these summer months, keep the learning strong!  They want to learn, they beg for knowledge!  As I told the principal a while back, I have exhausted my materials this year.  They love to learn, and they have an amazing comprehension to absorb all that they learn. Don't be afraid dto challenge them this summer, they WILL run with it!  They are ready for second grade, hands down, no doubt in my mind. 

           I have loved teaching them this year! It was wildly busy, but so good!  I will miss them, like I do each bunch of first graders, but I can't wait to see them soar!  They will fly!  Thank you for the joy of teaching them each day!  

                                                                                                                                 Lots of Love,  Mrs. Van Maanen 








.     Reading-

                We have finisher our reading series.  All 38 units, that is amazing!  

     We are reading stories this week called  1.  Tippy Toe Chick Go!  2.  Mole and Baby Bird   3.  Simple Machines. 4.  Ben Franklin.. and so on.  THey are loving it!         



















                  Spelling Words.

      You all did a great job with your spelling words this year!  I was very impressed!  Some weeks were really hard!  Also, good job on all your classmates names!!  Fantastic Job!!!               



















                            No sentence this last week!  

                      Thanks again for all the help you give your child at home, it is wonderful!!!



         Do the best you can!!  You are AMAZING!!!









  Additon and Subtraction for the rest of the year!








   Here is the helper list!  

      When it is your child's turn to be the helper, he or she will be in charge of getting the milk for lunch.  Lining up the class if we exit the room, and if there are any other jobs that need to be done that day, they will be in charge of them.

  1. Jaxton-

   2. Tate- 

  3.  Shaye-

  4.  Lauren-

  5.  Landen-

  6.  Levi-

  7.  Miya- 

  8.  Mattea-

  9.  Levi Scott-

  10.  Atley-

  11.  Hudson- 

  12.  Tyler- 

  13. Jack-  

  14.  Bethany-

  15.  Madaline-

  16.  Allison- 

  17.  Grady-

  18.  Avyn-

  19.  Brynlee-Helper on Monday

  20.  Clayton-Helper on Tuesday

  21.  Asher-Helper on Wednesday!!