Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


First Grade



           Well, gingerbread houses were a hit and a ton of fun!!  Thank you room moms for everything and also a big thank you to Nancy Kooima!  We couldn't do this project without your help!


      ******Please bring in a water bottle with your child this week, there are bad colds and coughs going around and we want to stay healthy!!  

Keep bringing in those water bottles.  We had everyone in school on Friday for the first time since Thanksgiving break, it was great!!!

    Bible Lessons this week- 


     M- Exodus 1

     T- Catechism

     W-   Exodus 2

    Th-   Exodus 3.

     F-  TEST



     Memory Work- We are going to start working on Luke 2:7-9

     "And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them and the glory of the Lord shone round about them and they were sore afraid."

  THanks for all your help!!


















































































.     Reading-

              We are going to move on to Unit 21 this week.  We are reading about story of the Lion and the Ant.  Lessons learned.


      Keep reading for reading rodeo!!  Thanks for all the slips!! Good job kids!! 





                Keep bringing in those Reading Rodeo slips!  Great Job!!!






   We picked names for Christmas exchange.  $5 limit for gift.


  On December 7 and 14 we will be having Dordt visitors.  They will be doing centers with the kids for about 45 minutes.




                  Spelling Words.



Here are the spelling words and the sentence. 


  1. bring

  2.  trunk

  3.  pink

  4.  bank

   5. sang

   6. wing


   8. blank

   9. rang




Your child will have to write a sentence on the bottom of their spelling test, here is the sentence!!  You can do it kids!!


                                            I have a pink backpack.    (I don't think the boys are going to like this sentence this week!  Sorry guys!)


         Do the best you can!!  You are AMAZING!!!



            Just one note about the home spelling.  I am sorry about the typing mistakes on the home spelling worksheets.  I get them from the Reading street website and every once in a while there are mistakes.  












    We moved on to chapter 5, adding ones and tens!! They are doing great!!









   Here is the helper list!  

      When it is your child's turn to be the helper, he or she will be in charge of getting the milk for lunch.  Lining up the class if we exit the room, and if there are any other jobs that need to be done that day, they will be in charge of them.

  1. Jaxton- 

   2. Tate- 

  3.  Shaye-

  4.  Lauren-

  5.  Landen-

  6.  Levi-

  7.  Miya-Helper on Monday 

  8.  Mattea-Helper on Tuesday 

  9.  Levi Scott-Helper on Wednesday

  10.  Atley-Helper on THursday

  11.  Hudson- Helper on Friday

  12.  Tyler-

  13. Jack-

  14.  Bethany-

  15.  Madaline-

  16.  Allison- 

  17.  Grady-

  18.  Avyn-

  19.  Brynlee-

  20.  Clayton-

  21.  Asher-