Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School


First Grade



         Here is the weekly memo I will have ready for you each week.   

      The week of November 12-16!

    Bible Lessons this week-      

     M- Genesis 39

     T-    Catechism 

     W-   Genesis 40

    Th-   Genesis 41

     F-   TEST


                    Memory Work----  

     We are up to letter I for this week!  The verse is a bit longer this week, but a good one to learn and know!

             "In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God, and the word WAS God!"  John 1:1



     We are going to start silent E words this week!  SHould be a good week!  

   Practice, practice and practice some more!

Here are the words.  Long U this week!!

1. huge    2. June    3. rule   4. tube   5.  use   6. cube    7.  cute   8. flute     9.  rude    10.  mule       11. water     12. under


They will also have to write a sentence for the spelling test.  Remind them to start their sentence with an uppercase letter and end it with the correct punctuation.

                                            The puppy is very cute.


We will be working on addition and subtraction in Math.


  Helpers this week are:

M- Colby

T-  Zeke

W-  Eliza

Th-  Jace

F-  Kate


          Library day is on Wednesday.  


  We are going to be starting a WHOLE SCHOOL reading program.  It will be starting in December and going through March!  More details soon!


                                                                              Mrs. VM :)